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Zore started its commercial life in 1999 under the name Zore Çeyiz Tekstil Elektronic and took significant steps towards becoming a company in 2004, becoming a leading mobile device accessory company in the industry with its customer satisfaction-oriented approach, quality-focused approach, and experience of over 20 years. Zore has emerged as a leading player in the import and distribution of mobile phones and accessories. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Zore has continuously evolved since its incorporation in 2004 and now proudly expands its operations to Australia.

Zore Australia

We also include the world’s leading mobile accessory brands in our portfolio and introduce them to our customers. We have expanded our product range by including well-known brands such as Wiwu, Go-Des, Kajsa, Araree, Benks, GKK, Lapas, QGeem, Roar, Soaiy, Voero, Xipin, Xtrike-Me, Zolcil, YoungKit, OneOdio, Sarepo, Ugly Rubber, and Vokamo. As the sole authorized dealer, Zore introduced these brands to Turkey, imported the most technologically advanced, trendy, original, and well-equipped products produced by these brands, and offered them to the Turkish market, ensuring they reach the end consumer. Thus, we opened a new page in mobile device accessories and continue our innovative approach.


Besides, as Zore, we are proud of being a domestic manufacturer that has managed to produce high-quality products at world standards, investing in production and giving the value our country and economy deserve.

At Zore, we aim to meet our customers’ expectations by offering both quality and affordable prices in all our products. We serve in a wide area such as mobile phone accessories, tablet accessories, notebook accessories, smartwatch and wristband accessories, screen protectors, cables and adapters, cable organizers, mobile phone batteries, touch screen pens, memory products, armbands, keychains, microphones, camera lens accessories, chargers, power banks, headphones, AirPods accessories, selfie sticks, and tripods, mice and keyboards, MagSafe products, and automotive vehicle products. We provide accessory solutions for all kinds of needs by offering our carefully selected products in these categories to our customers.

The experienced Zore team, which has been operating in the sector for over 20 years, is developing with innovations and working to provide the best service to its customers. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and therefore, we constantly conduct R&D to offer products suitable for our customers’ needs and closely follow today’s technology. In this way, we are growing and developing every day, not only with the products we sell but also with the other infrastructure systems and services we provide. We maintain this approach and have always achieved success, moving forward with confidence to carry this success further.

More than just phone accessories

Join us at Zore and experience the innovation, reliability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction that sets us apart in the mobile phone and accessories industry.

Next-Day Delivery

We will be offering same day delivery for local retailers

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