Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Magsafe Charge Youngkit Crystal Color Series Cover


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Let’s be Crystal Clear

It is as colorful and direct as the summer sun, and as pure and lively as a flowing stream.

Come to YOUNGKIT, choose this crystal clear protective case suitable for summer colors, and unlock your various summer atmosphere scenes!

Bump Up the Protection

The YOUNGKiT exclusive Shock Absorption Technology can buffer 95% of the impact , creating a phone case that truly achieves all-round protection and has a strong anti-drop performance.
The appearance of the iPhone14 series of strong buffer bumpers adopts a new plant-based material and a shock-absorbing tire tread design. Each mobile phone case equipped with bumper has undergone 872 anti-drop tests, and ensure 9.8 ft drop protection,covering 98% of daily life application scenarios.
→About the Shock Absorption Tech

Superior Process And Materials

This phone case is the epitome of material beauty, with its high transparency characteristics and crystal-clear texture combined with vibrant colors that evoke sparkling diamonds and bring unparalleled visual enjoyment.
Made with a hard polycarbonate material from the world’s top plastic supplier: Bayer ,which can effectively delay the oxidation time of the frame, and the yellowing resistance level can reach as high as level 5.
We is striving to make resources 100% recyclable, so as to contribute to protect our Planet.
Phone Brand



Black, Blue, White

Phone Model

iPhone 15 PRO MAX

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Magsafe Charge Youngkit Crystal Color Series Cover
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